5 Best Apps to Use in Coworking Spaces

5 Best Apps to Use in Coworking Spaces

One of the best things of working remotely is that you have so much flexibility on where to work from. Most of remote jobs only require a laptop and a reliable internet connection.

Sometimes working from home isn't the right solution for you, so you may want to try co-working spaces. Co-working spaces are perfect for working on a project around others, professionals and businesses. They help

We've put together 5 apps that could improve your co-working experience.

1. WorkFrom

Workfrom - Best coworking apps

Availability: iOS/Android/Web

Pricing: FREE

Workfrom is a crowdsourced search platform and social network used by mobile, independent and creative professionals to find and share work-friendly brick-and-mortar businesses. The community behind Workfrom enables people to connect with others and network in new and important ways.

Workform's mission is to improve remote work creating innovative ways to support today's mobile workforce around the world.

Alternatives: LiquidSpace

2. NordVPN

Availability: Web

Pricing: FREE

The app allows you to create a single page to track all the timezones of your remote team members. It’s also useful for planning meetings and calls.

NordVPN - Best apps for coworking

Availability: iOS/Android/Web/Mac/Windows/Linux

Pricing: from 2.99$ per month

Used by 8 million users worldwide, NordVPN offers military-grade encryption with advanced privacy solutions to ensure secure access to your internet traffic, redirecting it through a specially configured VPN server when you try to access a website.

Alternatives: ExpressVPN, CyberGhostVPN

3. Slack

Slack - Best apps for coworking

Availability: iOS/Android/Web/Mac/Windows

Pricing: FREE (6.25-11.75€/m per user)

Slack is cloud-based tool where teams can collaborate and communicate in real time. The app is specially tailored to remote teams and it’s used by the likes of Buffer, Airbnb and other similar companies.

Alternatives: Twist

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4. Timezone.io

Timezone.io - best apps for coworking

Availability: Web

Pricing: FREE

Timezone.io is an app that allows you to track all the different timezones of your teammates in a single page. It's useful for schedule meetings and calls if you work remotely.

Alternatives: TeamWatch, Time Zone Ninja

5. Noizio

Noizio - best coworking apps

Availability: iOS/Android/Mac

Pricing: FREE

Noizio is a background sound app that allows you to focus while working listening to different kind of sounds. From October Rain, to Deep Space to Campfire, the app starts with a library of 8 ambient sounds.

Alternatives: Noisli, Tide


6. Wallpapers

work hard anywhere wallpapers - best coworking apps

Availability: Web

Pricing: FREE

Free desktop and phone wallpapers by Work Hard Anywhere with remote work messages and focused work experiences.

Alternatives: Unsplash

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