The Benefits of Dark Mode

The Benefits of Dark Mode

This week, Apple introduced Mojave OS, a revised OS for your Mac devices.

With the Mojave OS, a dark setting becomes available. This new dark setting provides the user a darker UI to each new window inside of the operating system, a welcomed addition to the OS from existing Mac users. This very week too, Todoist released this across their platforms.

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PS. The Verge put out a full review of all of the benefits of the new Mojave OS, read it here. The split between lovers of dark mode are 50/50. This tweet from Setapp summarised the split perfectly.

The Benefits of Dark Mode

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A lot of people struggle to understand the hype about the optional bonus of having dark mode. Dark mode has only become popular in the last 3-5 years as companies began to roll out these modes to make night users and those with bright screens benefit.

The likes of TweetBot was famed for it’s ability to go into dark mode way before the Twitter default client made the leap to adda dark setting. Dark mode has been around for a while but only now have Apple adopted this into their OS. Are their any advantages to dark mode?

For those who love dark mode lovers. Here are the many benefits of using it:

  • Improved Readability of Text

  • Better Contrast

  • Reduced Eye Fatigue

  • Less Flicker (if existing issues)

  • Less Blue Light

  • Less Prone to Triggering Photophobia

  • Can Save Small Amounts of Electric

There are a few negatives and research from S Brown from the University of Cambridge uncovers the many benefits and negatives in a little more detail from his extensive research.

Research from Richard Hall from the University of Missouri continues to dive into the benefits of darker backgrounds for screen users exploring the correlation between retention of users when on a darker mode.

Convince Me to Try Dark Mode

“We’ve been using the light mode for years?! Surely it doesn’t matter?!”

Some content doesn’t need dark mode. Dark mode is intentionally created for those who want to reduce eye strain at night. Many dark mode lovers use their devices at night and claim the benefits of this have been extremely useful. For those users, it can be a lifesaver over time.

A great summary from a Redditor summarised this so well. Reddit’s top upvote sums up a lot of what people believe dark mode most benefits. Here’s their comment.

Night is dark. Screen is bright. Eyes hurt.

Night is dark. Screen is dark. Eyes not hurt

Thanks to Apple’s addition. You have the choice. You can go both light or dark mode. Maybe some of these benefits swayed your opinion of the resource?! Or maybe they didn’t. Let us know on Twitter by tagging @KeepProductive with your thoughts.

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