Top 5 Best Productivity Skillshare Classes

Top 5 Best Productivity Skillshare Classes

Skillshare is full of useful classes on productivity and time management.  

Back in 2011, I discovered a Tiago Forte Skillshare class about how he organizes his folders which blew me away and since then, Skillshare has been very impressive as a way to learn about productivity and get yourself set-up on various productivity apps. 

We've shortlisted 5 Skillshare classes that will help to get yourself organized and ready for your next project. Remember you don't have to take all of these classes, pick one that suits you best. The worst thing would be to waste time on classes that don't suit your end goal. 

With all of these classes, if you're new to Skillshare, use the link and you'll get 2 months free Premium.  Some of these classes are included in the free Skillshare and others in Premium. 

1. Productivity Habits That Stick 

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Mike Vardy does it again. Yes, the Productivityist coach and speaker, Mike Vardy brings this class to you in collaboration with Todoist. This class has already over 25,000+ Skillshare students and growing by the day. In this class, Mike uncovers how you can use "day themes" to optimise the week ahead. This is something we discussed on the Keep Productive YouTube channel with him. He is also famed for his techniques for managing time in blocks which he also explores. 

  • Get the class here! (all these links include 2 months free Skillshare) 
  • For those who struggle to plan their week ahead 
  • Perfect for professionals, remote workers and flexible freelancers 

2. Project Management Basics 

Project Management Course Skillshare.png

Brett Harned explores the basics of project management and how the methods can be used to become a better project manager and understand the PM process for best results. This also includes a demonstration of popular project management resource, TeamGantt. You can follow Brett's work on Twitter too. 

  • Get the class here! 
  • Great for project managers and those managing PM tools 
  • Includes how to utilize your PM tools, set-up projects and the principles. 

3. Managing Attention in the Digital Age

Skillshare Class Productivity Today.png

Kevin Siskar from the Founder Insitute discusses the world of technology and how it affects our attention when working. Kevin provides actionable tips for combatting a busy smartphone full of notifications all the way to conquering your schedule and routine. In this class, he also discusses Todoist, one of the most popular task managers and how he handles his account. 

  • Get the class here!
  • Optimised for founders, freelancers & those stressed about digital noise
  • Todoist-created Skillshare class

4. Boost Email Productivity: Smarter Email Management

Email Productivity Online Course.png

Nobody teaches you how to handle your email when you start a new job. You just learn it. But many people learn email incorrectly, become overwhelmed and have to start from scratch. This class, delivered by Alexandra Samuel, author and writer of Work Smarter with Social Media, who guides you into the world of mastering your email inbox and how to scale this in your routine. 

  • Get the class here! 
  • Ideal for those looking to regain control of their email inbox 
  • Includes automation filters, daily email routine and worksheets 

5. Prioritization: Tools for Your System 

Trello Productivity Class on Skillshare.png

Brian Cervino from Trello brings you one of the great classes available on the platform. A guide to one of the biggest problems we face. Prioritization. In the workplace, it is hard to determine, what's next, what should I invest my time into and how should I react to new work coming in? Some of the big concerns for many workers and freelancers around the world. 

  • Get the class here! 
  • Perfect for those who struggle with prioritization or managing urgency 
  • Great for freelancers and middle management employees 

Which ones did you enjoy? Do you have any recommendations. Pop them in the comments below! We'd love to hear in the comments. We'll update this every few months with the best of the breed too, so it'll also have fresh new recommendations. 

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