CleanMyMac X: First Impressions Review

CleanMyMac X: First Impressions Review

CleanMyMac X released a brand-new look a few weeks ago. You may have heard me feature it in the last Software Pulse and were intrigued.

Over the last few years, many people have fallen in love with the MacPaw product for managing and clearing out their Mac of unnecessary folders, junk and system clutter for over 10 years now.

CleanMyMac Evolution.jpg

I discovered the CleanMyMac systems on Setapp, the service I’ve reviewed on the channel before. CleanMyMac 3 was something I wanted to get round to using, as after 1 year of having a MacBook Pro and editing videos on a routine basis, I was bound to need a clean-up of my workspace. Whilst my Mac Desktop area remains clean the majority of the time, I clear it every 3-hours or so.

The noise on my Mac happens all inside of the “Downloads” folder and in install help kits when I’m installing and uninstalling Mac applications to review. This needed some clean-up.

So I got the brand-new CleanMyMac X inside of Setapp and gave it a go!

1. Scan Your Mac

Smart Scan Mac.png

To kick things off, you’ll need to scan through your Mac for all things that need cleaning. CleanMyMac X scans a range of things, from Photo Junk to Trash Bins and everything in between. You can find out exactly what they scan here, if privacy is your worry and what they do with it.

Scanning Report CleanMyMac X.png

2. Scan Report

This report will give you an outline of the scan. The CleanMyMac report helps to detect unnecessary junk, folders, files and more that hasn’t been used or even interacted with based on folder activity. The main scan focuses mainly on the system junk, not folder and file junk.

It also scans protection and speed tweaks.

Something to note, design wise. The application looks stunning too when you’re using it and all the animations make scanning and clearing super easy to do.

3. Running Your CleanMyMac Scan

Scanning takes around 60s, depending on the severity of your system’s junk. The first time I ran the scan, it took around 3-minutes, thanks to the huge backlog of junk I had amassed.

CleanMyMac Scanning Report.png

During your scan, you’ll see this dashboard. The scan covers the full overview of your Mac including maintenance scripts, trash bins, photo junk, DNS cache and free-ing up RAM.

Once you’re all done now.

The report will give you a rough outline of what happened. For example, in this scan, CleanMyMac cleared 2.12GB of “unneeded junk” and checked for all potential threats. The scan also helps clear 3 tasks to help improve performance.

Looking to get an outline of what exactly was cleared?!

Click “view Log” to get a full breakdown.

Final Report from CleanMyMac.png

Scan your Photo Junk, iTunes and more

Screenshot 2018-10-11 at 08.37.15.png

If you’re looking for a per area scan and clean-up. Perfect!

Maybe you’ve just looking to clear your Photo Junk after building the wedding album for a family member? And you want to get rid of the data or cache before the next editing session? Using the Clean-up segment inside of CleanMyMac and clearing your Photo Junk is the best bet.

You can also do this for System Junk, Mail Attachments, iTunes Junk and Trash Bins.

Although I haven’t yet tried this out, you can also explore the protection section producing a Malware and Privacy scan to help clear that up. The same with Optimisation and Maintenance for the speed for your Mac.

One thing I did try was the Uninstaller. As someone who review plenty of Mac apps, getting rid of the noise is very helpful to keeping things running smoothly and getting the latest version. So I hit the Uninstaller last week and removed lots of apps in one easy move (versus manually uninstalling each app, which can be brutal).

Screenshot 2018-10-11 at 08.49.10.png

Selecting a range of apps using the selector and deleting them has really sped up the Mac and also made the full apps window much easier to navigate. This is perfect for people who try or download a lot of apps or trials.

Clearing all file junks.png

One thing I’m yet to try is the “All Files” and Old Files management. This will be a massive help for someone who edits a lot of videos for YouTube. Clearing all these old files will really save space and take away files that have been backed-up and even not needed anymore.

Is there a speed difference after your scan?

After exploring the main features of CleanMyMac and taking 2-3 scans this month so far, I’ve been impressed. The application has helped to speed up the Mac. Naturally, I’d never scanned since February since I got the Mac, however it has sped things up nonetheless.

Browsing folders and finding regular files I use for editing or for client work became a lot easier. The files and folders were cleared of any bad files or unneeded downloads that were clearly clogging up my searching experience inside of Finder.

Recommendation: CleanMyMac is perfect for those who are trying to clear their Mac of big files on a regular basis. Highly recommended for creatives that look to clear their system on a routine basis to make the most of their Mac without the need for stressful manual clean-ups. Get CleanMyMac on Setapp: here

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