How to Add Tasks into Todoist via Email

How to Add Tasks into Todoist via Email

Todoist Premium users have had the ability to email tasks into Todoist for some time now. Whether you are achieving Inbox Zero, or plan to share ideas with your client through Todoist comments, sending and creating Todoist tasks without leaving the inbox is one of the many perks of having this feature.

Many of the advanced email applications, the likes of Spark Mail and Airmail are perfect examples, tend to have integrations with Todoist to help you capture tasks with no worries. In this guide, we’ll be overviewing the basic email toolkit and how to send via a compose window. We’ll throw in some bonus resources too that might be helpful.

How to Create Tasks From Email

One of the great things about Carl’s video is he demonstrates how to do this for Apple Mail and the recent Newton application, using the simple forwarding functions. So if you want a visual demonstration, check out Carl’s video on creating tasks from email.

Let’s start with the composing of a task. This is something that can be learnt and once adopted will save you time dumping tasks into your inbox or specific projects you are working on. Whether it’s an idea or a task itself, capturing from email can save you time on the go to or working from any laptop that might be restricted to accessing web or downloading Todoist, like many work laptops sadly can be.

1. Open your Todoist

Open Todoist ready to add email tasks.png

2. Open the Todoist Inbox

Todoist Inbox - add a new email task.png

3. Open Project Actions (three-dots)

Project Actions in Todoist for Sending Email Tasks.png

4. Clip the Todoist Inbox Email

Email Tasks into Todoist with unique todoist email.png

5. Compose a new email, with the inbox email

Compose a new Email to Todoist.png

6. Add the details of the task, due date, labels and priority

Spark Mail into Todoist via email.png

To add a due date, use “<>” to capture the date you’d like. Although, if separated from your text, intelligent date parsing could pick this up, so no need for the “<>” brackets.

To add a label, simply add the label symbol of “@” and the intended label. In this case, I used @5mins to indicate task length of 5-minutes.

To add the final element in this example, the priority, use “!!” and add a number. 3 being the lowest (yellow) priority and 1 being the most important (red) and it’ll be assigned.

The Final Product inside of Todoist - Task Emails.png

The final product above of what this looks like inside of Todoist. Remember that they’ll bring in the original email and the body of the email into the comments. In this case, it was the messy email signature that comes along with my emails.


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