How to Import Evernote Notebooks into Notion

How to Import Evernote Notebooks into Notion

Exciting news this week, Notion have re-launched their new importer for Evernote.

This now allows you to import notebooks from Evernote into your Notion account. If you prefer, you can watch this full launch video explaining how to use the new Evernote importer inside of Notion.

Let’s guide you though how to do this below:

Import Button Notion.png

Step 1: AuthorizING Access to Evernote

  • Begin by finding the “import” button the the left-hand menu navigation

  • Click the import button and you’ll be brought to a handful of options, to import Trello, Asana, Text, MKD, CSV, HTML, Word, Google Docs, Dropbox Paper, Quip and Workflowy - and of course Evernote.

  • You need to go ahead and click the Evernote option.

Import Notion Menu.png
Allow Access to Evernote import for Notion.png
  • Once pressed, you’ll be prompted to authorize your account connection.

  • Make sure to read all of the terms and conditions of what Notion will be able to access, to make sure you’re comfortable with this.

  • Once you’ve authorized you’ll go back to the Notion import screen in which you can begin importing your Evernote notebooks into Notion.

  • Remember to authorize for however long you need it, some people go with 1 day, just so that they can lock that API connection right after their done importing the notebooks they need.

Step 2: Selecting the Evernote NotebookS

Select Evernote Notebooks to Import into Notion.png
  • When connected, you’ll be asked what notebooks you’d like to import.

  • You can import all of your notebooks automatically - as they are all pre-selected.

  • However, you can remove some or even “de-select” them all and click which notebooks you’d like to bring in, if you find that easier.

  • With each notebook, Notion will tell you how many blocks are being used and give an indication of how many notes are associated with each notebook.

Step 3: Modifying Notes in Notion

So now, you have to wait for your Evernote notebooks to import.

An from testing this, it takes typically around 5-minutes to import one notebook, based on your internet connection and the size of each Evernote note you have.

Imported Notebook Example into Notion.png
  • For this example, you can see I’ve imported an old Accounting book.

  • With all new databases, they will be imported as List Databases

  • This will allow you to see a nice long list of your Evernote notes individually

  • The “Properties” area will showcase the date of creation for the note and any tags you’ve associated to the note. You can see tags as a “Multi-Select” property type.

Example of Evernote Tags in Notion.png
Example of Note in Full Page.png
  • You can see I only tagged these 3 notes within the notebooks, can you tell Accounting was not my favourite topic?

  • Each note can be opened up as a Full Page view.

  • You can see by the note (to the left of thi) that the images import well and this is the case for any files too.

  • Powerpoint files from lecture notes imported well.

Example of Note in Evernote Page.png

There’s something to be said about email importing from your Evernote.

They almost all didn’t import very well and this should be noted. Notion let me know the following about the email import:

Hi Francesco thanks for checking it out! Unfortunately we know about this issue and won't be fixing it for the release. Evernote notes like that one that are HTML documents with tables won't import well.

Email into Evernote doesn't work for Notion.png

I’m almost certain in the future, Notion will make an application that can scan all of your Evernote notes and bring them into the right format, but thanks to the nature of the email format, you will suffer if most of your notes are email-only format.

Gallery View change.png

Aside from this, the import of the notebook went well, you can see above it imported all my Evernote hand-drawing ramblings for accounting. You can also go to the “List View” and change to any other database view you like, you are seeing this in Gallery view.

This makes any visual notes pop out and looks very similar to Evernote’s card layout option, if you want something to feel like home.


  • Notion Beginner Skillshare Class: get it for free here.

  • Notion Full Course: Stay tuned for mid-March 2019, we’re launching a brand new course on Notion. This will take you from Notion zero to hero!

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