Standard Notes: Does it take on Evernote?!

Standard Notes: Does it take on Evernote?!

Standard Notes is a free, open-source note-taking application designed to be simple and perfect for secure, encrypted note-taking. With all of Google’s privacy blunders in the last few years, the note-taking is a breath of fresh air for the data sensitive end note-taker.

Here’s their privacy manifesto!

Last week, I explored Standard Notes and put together a “First Impressions” feature on YouTube, you can view that below, the overview covers the features, pricing and what makes Standard Notes the private note-taking experience that it is.

In the video, I mentioned Standard Notes as an Evernote alternative and we’ve even included it inside of our Top 20 Evernote alternatives feature. Yes, even in it’s free edition, Standard Notes is an Evernote alternatives, so is Apple Notes and many others. Most note-taking application could be an alternative to Evernote, but does Standard Note really challenge Evernote?

Is Standard Notes an Evernote Competitor?

A short answer. No.

Standard Notes is so simple in its free format. Standard Notes goal isn’t to be Evernote, it is to be an easy to use text editor with a focus on privacy. The private note-taking is secured by AES-256 encryption with each note being protected securely. You can even add a pin and Touch ID to your account giving it an extra dose of encryption.

The two things that make Standard Notes exciting for many:

  • Cross-platform

  • An active developer

Homepage of Standard Notes.png

Outside of the privacy focus, Standard Notes is on all devices.

All of them. For a fairly new resource, that’s an impressive effort to get on Mac, Linux, Windows, Web, iOS and Android. Perfect for the end user considering Standard Notes.

The second exciting thing is the active development team. They seem to be active and involved in fixing bugs. The open-source platform does lend itself to improvement. They do have a Slack community full of friendly users and community members, the developer Mo even reached out there too as well as a few of their most active members, which is nice.

Seeing this community engagement, reminded me of Evernote’s early days. And the focus on privacy over features and the focus on sustainability with the 5-year plan is a healthy ethos to have.

What features make Evernote stronger all-round?

Standard Notes full note-taker.png

Evernote prides itself on being a full package.

From audio notes to file upload to OCR scanning and advanced search. Standard Notes doesn’t have the extended feature set that Evernote has in its free and arguably their Extensions (premium) edition just yet. With the addition of Evernote Templates last month, Evernote showed it is capable of developing features for the platform, but Standard Notes shows off the few features it does have very well, on all platforms.

The features Standard Notes needs to really challenge Evernote:

  • A organization layout (like notebooks) (as default)

  • Basic formatting (as default)

  • Files, images, audio and document support

  • Scanning and PDF annotation

  • And a few sharing functions

Evernote is stronger as an all-rounder and perfect for all types of note-takers.

Whereas Standard Notes becomes a solution for basic, privacy concerned note-takers. Inside of their manifesto, they do state their focus on continuous development but less need to pull together what the community wants, read it here.

Who would I recommend Standard Notes to?

A few weeks ago I discuss Evernote’s situation in a Q&A and a few of you recommended that they’d be downsizing their note-taking application. Whilst Standard Notes free doesn’t have much more than the plain-text editor, Standard Notes Extensions is the real deal.

If you’re pondering the following you should consider Standard Notes:

Logo for Standard Notes.png
  • Looking for a secure, encrypted note-taking

  • Looking for markdown editors

  • Need a note-taker that works on Linux and Android/iOS

  • Looking to simplify your notes or down-size your process

I’m not recommending everyone jumps ship, all I’m mentioning is that Standard Notes is an impressive basic alternative with a privacy focus, but not a full package, yet.

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