How to Create Custom Fields in Trello

How to Create Custom Fields in Trello

Trello cards have already so many great built-in features like Checklists, Due Dates, Labels, and so on, but what about checkboxes, dropdown menus and additional information?

You can add all these things and so much more with the Custom Fields Power-Up. From number fields to start/end dates and more, you can take your Trello Boards to the next level.

How to install the Custom Fields Power-Up

Simply go to Menu > Power-Ups > Search "Custom Fields" > Add

Install Trello Custom Fields

Free Trello accounts can enable only 1 Power-Up per Board (click here to see all the Trello plans).

How to create your first Custom Field

From the Power-Ups page just click over the gear icon and then select the type of Custom Field you need. You can choose:

  • Checkbox

  • Date

  • Dropdown

  • Number

  • Text

Creating Trello Custom Fields

Remember that you can always come back later to edit and rearrange them both from the Power-Ups menu and the back of the card.

How to add more Custom Fields

To add additional Custom Fields just click + New Field from the drop-down menu or click over the existing Custom Field if you want to just edit it.

How to add more Trello Custom Fields

To rearrange your Custom Fields you just have to drag and drop them from the menu.

Rearranging Trello Custom Fields

Custom Field Use Cases

There are endless ways to use Custom Fields to improve your Trello cards.

For example, a great way to use them is to add additional information to your Editorial Calendar getting fields for article prices (handy if you have paid collaborators), article links, additional dates (maybe a start and ending one), and so on.

Different ways to use Trello Custom Fields

A personal favorite way of mine is to use Custom Fields in my reading log board, using it to track when I started reading books, the finishing date and the rating (for this one I used the dropdown menu and assigned a color to each number).

Trello Custom Fields for reading log

Bonus points:

Trello Custom Field displayed to the front of cards
  • Custom Fields are supported on mobile devices

  • Field data is displayed to the front of Trello cards (this is optional, you can also choose to hide it)

  • Field names support emoji

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