4 Ways Twist Improves Team Collaboration

4 Ways Twist Improves Team Collaboration

Twist is a team communication tool by Doist, a company that creates tools and promotes a calmer and more balanced way to work and live. Twist is geared towards an asynchronous and calmer way to chat, opposite to Slack, for example, where instant messaging is the core element of the app.

In this post, we're going to share 4 ways Twist can improve your team collaboration.

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1. Threads

Twist Threads.png

One of the core features of Twist is threads, it allows a deeper level of organization by topic inside each channel with an interface that’s similar to an email app. Threads can be starred, this way you follow threads even if you're not directly involved and get notifications for updates or simply save important ones to come back to later.

The direct integration with Todoist makes it a key feature for project and task management.

We’re still in the early days of implementing Twist in our workflow but for example, here at Keep Productive we usually create a new thread for each article that needs to be written, this way, we can both chat about it (at our own pace) and add it to Todoist with a simple click.

Todoist integrates with Twist

2. Time off Feature

Setting up Time Off on Twist

Twist also allows you to set up when you'll be offline and all your notifications will be turned off until you'll be back. This is a useful way to remind your team when you won't be available and when you’re going to be on vacation, for example.

Time Off Feature on Twist

A quick check in the morning can save you some time allowing you to see who’s going to be available throughout the day.

3. Tailored Notifications

Twist is built around the concept of focused work so, when you start a new thread, you can choose who’s going to be notified and you can also adjust the option for each message later on. This way you can bring in people when needed, chatting only with who is actively involved without bothering all your team members at the same time.

Setting up tailored notifications inside Twist

Everyone who has joined the channel will be able to see and search for all the threads, but only the people you notify will see the new threads as unread in their Inbox.

4. Relaxed Environment

Finally, Twist provides a very relaxed environment thanks to its minimalist design, nice images, and self-paced communication features.

Twist Inbox.PNG
Twist Thread.PNG

Twist has a clean design, with blue accents. New notifications appear with yellow dots, instead of red badges and bright colors, and you can easily write longer threads supported by a limited but on point emoji keyboard.


The same feel is provided both on the iOS and the Android apps that have the same layout and structure of the desktop and web ones.

Twist on iOS.PNG
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