What's New with All-New Reminders on iOS 13

What's New with All-New Reminders on iOS 13


Apple’s big WWDC 2019 developer conference was yesterday and in their big keynote, they released iOS 13 ready for a September release.


  • This is the biggest Reminders change since the iOS 10 release.

  • Apple have stated this is "more intelligent" and "more intuitive" update

  • Reminders add new hub, lists, intelligent reminds and more…

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This will outline all the features in the new iOS 13 Reminders.

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  • Apple released iOS 13 this week

  • The all-new Reminder app brings new additions

  • From captures dates, times, locations, flags, photos and more - Apple try to align this with Microsoft To-Do and Google Tasks.

  • Let's look at the designs for the basics for the new task manager.

  • Your Home — The new homepage showcases “Today, Scheduled, Flagged, All” - these 4 key areas will be your hub for managing Reminders.

  • Today — You will manage your daily tasks here. A base for all your tasks tagged with “today” ready for the day ahead, even add timings too.

  • Scheduled — You’ll plan ahead with the next few days.

  • Flagged — These are important tasks that need focus, a little like “Starred”

  • All — This is an outline of all of the tasks, everything in your reminders (including all lists, we assume)

  • Design — Reminders has both Light/Dark mode designs, but the design resonates with OmniFocus 3 - another popular task manager made for professionals, a big seller on the App Store.

  • Toolkit — Reminders has a good day to day light task management for planning both on the day and ahead. You have the ability to add images and even connect with other applications (like Maps, Email) to associate actions to your tasks.

  • Adding Tasks — When adding tasks, you will get intelligent input like features that will create suggestions. For example “Buy Milk every Wednesday at 4pm” will be detected and connected to your reminders.

  • Customize Lists — You can add your own smart lists, invite others and even add a custom icon. If someone in your messages have mentioned something, Siri or you can manually add to Reminders.

Apple Remidners 2019.png


This is perfect for people already using the Notes app for iOS, and who already use or like simple task managers.

Apple have really upgraded this with plenty of Siri time savers. iOS Reminders is a good Microsoft To-Do or Google Tasks alternative application.

Images taken from Apple.com


  • iOS 13 Preview: All features

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