Add Flagged Emails as Tasks in Microsoft To-Do

Add Flagged Emails as Tasks in Microsoft To-Do

This week, Microsoft To-Do released a small new update with big abilities for email users.

Polly Davidson, from the Microsoft To-Do team announced on the Tech Community blog, the news of the Flagged Emails into To-Do feature. With the new update, you can connect Microsoft To-Do to your Office 365, work or school email or Outlook account, allowing you to flag any emails that need your attention.

Once these emails are flagged, you can save them as Microsoft To-Do tasks.

Flagged Emails = Tasks in Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To-Do Flagged Email.gif

For all of us, email can get crazy! Let’s discover what this new feature can do:

  • Get a tough email you need to get done

  • Flag the email within the Office 365 or Outlook email application

  • Emails and their linked messages will appear in a new Folder called “Flagged Email”

  • You will be able to see the task title (email subject), and the task note linking back to the email

This new feature is becoming a fan favourite, power users like Luise are loving this one for managing her Outlook tasks - and has started to sort her email tasks into her Microsoft To-Do account.

How to activate Flagged Emails

Here’s how to get started with the brand-new Microsoft To-Do ability:

  • You need to sign in on To-Do on Web or Windows

  • And also sign into your work or school email account

  • An alert will pop-up asking you to show the Flagged Email list

  • You should agree and connect the two accounts

  • You can only import up to 10 flagged emails from the last 2 weeks - to reduce overwhelm

  • You can’t enable flagged emails on Android or iOS now but, once it is enabled on Windows or web, you will be able to see the Flagged Email list—meaning you can take your list on the go. 

Ole makes a perfect demonstration of how this feature works in the wild. Using his Outlook app on mobile (once he set everything up) he was able to start flagging emails and get tasks up in his To-Do account.

What’s Next for the Microsoft To-Do Ecosystem

Now, Microsoft To-Do is adding new features at a rate of knots. The team aim to add a connection to Microsoft Planner soon for teams looking to connect their work based projects in Office 365. And the more Microsoft continue to make a connection with existing services, the more To-Do will grow.

The more I look at people using Microsoft To-Do, the more I see it is blossoming into an application that will, at this rate, rival resources like Todoist and TickTick - if it continues the pace. Making it a healthy competition by the end of 2019.


Microsoft To-Do is only becoming a more popular solution every single day, so determining if To-Do is right for you is important before investing your time.

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