Missive adds Todoist & Asana Integrations

Missive adds Todoist & Asana Integrations

Last week, we saw Missive release new integrations.

The team collaboration email, which Francesco uses as a solo email, has released three neat ways to reduce the need for app switching, with an Asana, Todoist and FullContact integration.

NOTE: Missive is the sponsor for Keep Productive in March 2019.

With the news of Newton’s return, Missive got a lot of attention as a solo email tool for managing emails in a powerful fashion. The Missive team have been developing the resource for many months before with a focus really on team collaboration and allowing for strong drafts, tasks and assignment management inside of email - for teams to get things done - and not so much the solo users.

This month, they’ve focused on building on Missive’s rules and API abilities by releasing two productivity related integrations, with the ability to save and catalogue Asana and Todoist tasks into your lists. Let’s take a look at how both of these work in every day use.

Asana + Missive

Asana Missive Integration.gif

This new Asana connection seems to work well for teams using Asana as their project management experience. The new integration appears on the side panel allowing you to clip a new task into a workspace, project, add a due date, and even add tags, assignee and sub-task dependencies. This email integration will make it easier for teams to work inside of email on drafts and tasks - avoiding the hassle of going in and out of Asana to clip an important email - and the best news is that the conversation is clipped inside of this view too.

Todoist + Missive

Todoist Missive.gif

Todoist allows for a smooth way to add tasks and assign projects to others in a shared project. Perfect for if you want to handle labels, priority and more when sending new Todoist tasks. You will be able to assign tasks to teammates and define due dates. All the task comments made on Todoist will be synced back to Missive.

The final integration. Non-productivity related is FullContact. Missive also released a contact integration - allowing you to connect your existing contacts list with Missive - pulling in vital information on each person you email. This is the official release post on the brand-new Missive connection.

Is it worth it for Todoist and Asana?

Missive Inbox New Task.png

If you aren’t a big Todoist and Asana user, then this update won’t really phase you. But if you currently use Newton with the Todoist integration for example, you might see the difference in build design and level of detail that it provides. With the draft, task and assignment abilities in Missive, you’ll fall in love with this update.

Remember, Missive is more suitable for team productivity - so these abilities only enhance you work.

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