Software Pulse: 28th May 2019

Software Pulse: 28th May 2019

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This week’s news comes on Tuesday 28th May 2019.


  • Airtable releases Gantt charts

  • Google Cal & Keep get Dark Mode

  • Tempo email client releases Beta

  • Open-source Evernote app Tusk released

  • Outlook gets Apple Watch notifications

  • Behind the Scenes: Improving Search in Evernote Web

  • Zenkit 3.0 is here

  • New Notion Templates available

Airtable release Gantt Charts

Airtable introduces the Gantt block feature for Pro and Enterprise users.

Airtable Gantt Chart.png

This is an horizontally placed bar chart that allows teams to visualize the timeline of a project or any kind of work performed over time. Airtable's Gantt block gets automatically updated and keeps teams on the same page providing an easier and more flexible experience than a traditional spreadsheet.

Additional features:

  • Critical path highlighting: makes it easier to identify chains of dependent tasks.

  • Grouped records: allows you to compare team members' workloads at a glance, organize certain types of tasks together, etc.

  • Color customization: you can customize the colors of your records.

Read the full tutorial here.

Google Cal & Keep get Dark Mode

Google Calendar and Keep will now support Dark mode on Android.

Google Calendar dark mode ( Source )

Google Calendar dark mode (Source)

Dark mode for Calendar is rolling out on devices with Android N+ (i.e. Nougat and more recent releases), while dark mode for Keep is rolling out on with Android L-P.

Google Keep dark mode ( Source )

Google Keep dark mode (Source)

How to enable it:

  • Calendar: Settings > General > Theme

  • Keep: Settings > Enable Dark Mode

Tempo email client releases beta

Tempo has just launched a Beta for its email app.

Tempo meail beta ( Source )

Tempo meail beta (Source)

The email client aims to help you taking control of your inbox with simple features like: 140 character quick reply, Mark as To do, Snooze for later or Archive and One click unsubscribe. The clean and simple look allows you to hide unsorted mail without losing important messages.

Tempo is also designed to help you focus thanks to full screen Focus Mode, Send & archive by default feature and more.

Get the Beta here.

Open-source Evernote app Tusk released

Tusk is an unofficial open source refined Evernote app that has just being released.

Tusk ( Source )

Tusk (Source)

Main features:

  • 70+ keyboard shortcuts

  • sepia, dark or black themes

  • focus mode: a distraction-free note-taking mode

  • compact mode: perfect for smaller screens

  • note printing: allows to quickly transfer notes from screen to paper

  • easy note navigation without taking your hands away from the keyboard

  • custom shortcut keys

  • export notes as PDF files

  • Yinxiang support

  • scalable interface: you can adjust the zooming factor

Download it here.

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Outlook gets Apple Watch notifications

The improved Apple Watch notifications allow you to see Outlook updates: you can now see important emails, reminders, and know where your next meeting is at a glance.

Behind the Scenes: Improving Search in Evernote Web

Last week, we mentioned that Evernote was launching a new Behind the Scenes series on YouTube. This week, we can watch the first video where CEO Ian Small chats with a senior designer at Evernote about what they are currently working on to improve the search feature in Evernote.

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Zenkit 3.0 is here

Zenkit is launching 3.0 version of its service with a big redesign of the app, public API and more.

Zenkit desktop mindmap ( Source )

Zenkit desktop mindmap (Source)

What's new:

  • A big redesign.

  • A unified user interface across mobile and desktop.

  • Published collections: similar to boards or calendars or mindmaps that can be shared with people outside your organization or embedded on any website. Perfect to share changelogs, roadmaps or projects progress with clients.

  • Split-screen support on iPad.

  • Microsoft Team support and log in with a Microsoft account.

  • iCalendar subscriptions.

In addition to these features there is also a public API and developers can use Zenkit as a database backend for their own apps now.

You can read more here. And find Zenkit here.

New Notion Templates available

The Notion Template Gallery has been updated with 4 new templates by the team at Workwell.

The new templates have been designed with teams in mind:

  • Culture handbook: share your values

  • Promotion rubric: define roles & levels

  • Salary calculator (w/equity!)

  • Public help center

You can find them here.

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