The Best 30 Newton Mail Alternatives

The Best 30 Newton Mail Alternatives

Yes, Newton is leaving us on September 25th of 2018 - the sad news broke 2-weeks ago now and in this mourning time, it's important to get us equipped with tools and resources to replace Newton as your daily email management tool. 

We've put together a collection of Newton alternatives that you can go and enjoy! This will provide you with a list of recommendations to get you started, with full reviews coming soon. 

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The Main Email Components

Maybe over the last few months, you've been shot down by too many 3rd party alternatives. Maybe it's time to head back to a regular email management tool like Gmail or Apple Mail. Well, if that's your next move, here are five of those recommendations for getting you started. 

The Best 3rd Party Newton Mail Alternatives

Oh yes, there's more! We've highlighted these three for a good reason. They seem to make the cut as potential Newton Mail replacements. With Polymail being the best solution for team collaboration and hardcore email, to Astro with its bot-like functions and large accessibility to Spark for those Apple lovers that just seen to fall in love with Readdle products. 

The Android-Only Newton Mail Alternatives 

Nine Email Android Alternative - Newton Mail.png

Only Android alternative. Oh boy! There are few. Very similar to only-iOS alternatives there's not much here. If you're looking for the ultimate open source alternative to Newton, only on Android, try K-9 Mail and for the all round productivity system, try Nine. 

  • Aqua Mail (FREE, with Ads) 
  • K-9 Mail (Open-Source Email Management) 
  • Nine (9-Folders) (Secure, Productivity Focused Email) 

The iOS-Only Newton Alternatives

Dispatch - iOS Newton Alternative.png

Calling all iOS lovers. These two are almost tools versus fully functioning email apps that you'd expect. But they are iOS exclusive. Dispatch helps you to manage emails in a tradition GTD like fashion whilst Triage helps you whizz through your email account using gestures. Nice! 

  • Dispatch (Text-expander email, $6.99)

  • Triage (Email First Aid, $1.99) 

The iOS & Android Email Alternatives Line-up 

Untitled design (100).png

This is your fully mobile experience. Only use your smartphone to manage email, give these a try. You can access both of these email apps on iOS and Android very easily. Just a download away! 

  • MyMail (Yahoo Mail style app, FREE) 
  • Proton Mail (Secure grade email, FREE) 
  • Type Mail (A Blue Mail copy, FREE) 
  • Edison Mail (Includes Edison Assistant, FREE) 
  • BlueMail (People-centric email, FREE) (with MacOS + Windows beta) 
  • Hop (Conversation-style email, FREE) 
  • Vmware Boxer (Secure email, with premium options) 

The Desktop Newton Alternatives 

Postbox - Windows and Mac Newton Alt.png

Looking to conquer your inbox from the desktop. No problemo! These are some hand-picked options for managing emails on your PC or Mac, or even Linux. Postbox brings a stunning UI whilst eM Client and Mailbird deliver some handy features for managing the inbox. Thunderbird by Mozilla is perfect for Linux lovers whilst Mail & Calendar are your default Windows option. 

  • Postbox (PC/Mac) (Colourful and powerful email) 
  • eM Client (Windows) (Covers most Windows editions) 
  • Mail & Calendar (Windows) (Default Windows 10 onwards experience) 
  • MailBird (Windows) (Over 1M active Windows email users) 
  • Thunderbird (Linux, Mac, Windows) (Open-source email management) 

The Apple-Friendly Newton Alternatives 

Unibox or Airmail App Alternatives.png

Yes, these email app developers love Apple and that's fine. They made up our Apple-Friendly Newton alternative section. Our recommendation is to explore all of the screenshots and make sure you are happy, the likes of Airmail is hidden under a $4.99 and $9.99 paywall on iOS and Mac, so there's some research to do (our review is coming soon!) 

  • MailMate (MacOS) (IMAP Email Client) ($50 license) 
  • Airmail (MacOS/iOS) (Speedy Email Client) ($4.99, $9.99) 
  • Unibox (MacOS/iOS) (Available via Setapp) ($13.99 on Mac, free on iOS)

The Future Newton Mail Alternatives 

Superhuman - Newton Mail similar app.png

There's only one in mind here right now. That is Superhuman. They've been teasing us for several months now and Superhuman is close to launching. You can apply for VIP beta here, but they haven't yet released it to the world. 


Let us know in the comments below which apps you're looking at?! 

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