How to Plan Goals & Resolutions in Notion for 2019

How to Plan Goals & Resolutions in Notion for 2019

Kicking off your New Year’s resolutions despite being a month or so into 2019. Good on you.

It doesn’t have to be January 1st to get a list of goals together for you to begin conquering. Your next step now, however, is to get them all laid out to check in on them routinely, to tick them off and to actually get them done. And Notion is not only a good spot to do that, but it’s a perfect place to house goals and targets.

This feature will include a video that guides you through how to set-up the gallery, use it and create a shortlist of targets, using Francesco’s process, and include a explainer below too, in case you’re a reader.

This talk was originally produced for ProdCon, our first virtual conference.

Please Note: Francesco’s way of monitoring goals might not work for you, so don’t expect miracles. Your best bet is to adapt this method to your own way of working. Francesco is not a productivity expert, just a software enabler.

STEP 1 - List Your Goals/Targets

Notion Goals.jpg

Your first step is to grab an A3 piece of paper, if you haven’t already and shortlist all of your goals. They can be categorized per month, or by quarter, however you do it. You’ll need this when uploading to Notion.

Above is a draft version I made back in September 2018, so it slowly evolved as I began planning for the year ahead, our recommendation is to use paper to help you create draft editions and then to cleanly layout everything in Notion once you’re happy.

This is what helps me:

  • List per month goals (between 4-8 actionable goals)

  • Sketch your goals out on A3 paper, several times, to drill down

  • You can categorize them by area, by month, by year (whatever)

  • Include your goals, routines, learnings, to be’s to start to get the ball moving

STEP 2 - Create a Gallery View

Notion Gallery View.png

The hub for your goals in Notion is the gallery view and is the next step.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Create a new page and title it however you like. I called mine: “Goals”

  • Create a new database view called “Gallery” using “/” and type “Gallery”

  • Once the gallery view appears, delete the pre-existing cards

If you’re new to databases in Notion, read our full guide on setting up a database, what they all mean and how to use them, by Alice, who is a big fan of the platform. The gallery view (inline) is a fairly new edition to the database line-up but makes total sense when viewing your goals per month or quarter.

Screen Recording 2019-02-08 at 07.08 am.gif

STEP 3 - Add Cards to Gallery View

Notion Goals 2019.png

This is where you’ll begin to add per month goals. You can do this for quarters or for the whole year if you wanted, or even the categories you typically work with. Personally, the per month view helps to see the timeline of the months ahead.

Month View Notion.gif

How to get started with adding cards to the gallery view:

  • Create a new Card for each month ahead

  • For example, the next 6 months of your timeline (March, April, May etc.)

  • Add an icon to each card and begin adding your per month goals

  • For now, just add them as bullet points

Bullet Points Notion.gif

STEP 4 - Customize Card View

Screenshot 2019-02-08 at 07.17.31.png

Once you’ve added those goals per month, it is time to customise things a little. Not too much, but enough to distinguish your focus goals and ones you’ve completed.

Here’s how to improve your cards:

  • Add sections using “/” > “Background” and Select “Colored Backgrounds”

  • This helps to improve what has been done and working on for current and previous months

  • For example, this is January (just passed) for my goals

  • You can see I’ve converted many of the bullet points into “To-Do” and ticked them off

STEP 5 - Add a List of Targets

Screenshot 2019-02-08 at 07.16.46.png

Of course your goals are important, but how you set yourself up or your “guidelines” can help you to become a better person. I use this list weekly to try and channel my week to week work even further.

These are almost a blend of goals and routines to consider each week, that aren’t as actionable as the other month by month goals. I’d recommend giving something like this a try. I used a page inside of the goals page to create this and use “Toggle” List options in the menu to create nested bullets for each area of my life.


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