Feature Spotlight: Kylie Stewart: Full Notion Tour 2019

Feature Spotlight: Kylie Stewart: Full Notion Tour 2019

By now you’ve probably heard of Notion, but like many, you’re probably wondering: What’s the fuss about? Why switch over to Notion from my other program? 

Notion is a powerful all-in-one work space that’s highly customizable, and thus the perfect fit for anyone, team or individual. So much so, that it allows for us to share our set-up builds, as Kylie shows us her setup in this video. 

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In this guided tour Kylie Stewart runs us through her Notion setup giving us just a tiny glimpse of all the marvels and flexibility that this project management app contains. She show’s us her Notion work setup for (Formidable) and also how she uses it for her personal life planning including travel, hiking, and even delicious recipes. 

Summary of Kylie’s setup 

  • The home tab: giving a bird's-eye view of your setup 

  • Week View: card view of things to get done in the coming week

  • Basecamp: linking different boards and upcoming tasks for an overview of what’s urgent and not

  • Yearly travel plans: trips and cost calculation, featuring dates and location with prioritization options 

  • Development goals: tracking progress of goal accomplishments 

  • Grocery and shopping list which can be publicly accessible: enough said! 

Home Tab

Notion Home.jpg

This is where all the action starts. In this tab you have your entire set up linked. When clicking a link you’re taken directly where you want to be. The home tab is a great overview of your setup and can be useful for quick access to other areas of your Notion. 

  • Starting point that groups your blocks under one view

  • Overview with linking access to other blocks 

Week View or as Kylie has named it: The Week Ahead

Yes, even calendar names in Notion are customizable! This here is a calendar view that shows you task due daily. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday... This is a non-traditional calendar view appearing in a card like format, allowing you to openly view exactly what’s coming up. Have no worries, Notions gives you several options to viewing calendars, and this is just one. The good old traditional one is also there and so are many others. 

  • Monday to Sunday view of daily tasks

  • Card format for a quick view and access to schedule

  • Can be modified to 30 day traditional calendar, board-view and others 

Notion Week.jpg

Basecamp: Kylie’s unique innovation 

In the Basecamp Kylie has created a broad overview of weekly tasks. This neat little invention of hers contains tasks that need to be done today, prioritization, and a backlog of less important and outstanding things to do. This really helps her start her day and to see which book she should read next. 

  • Daily tasks and weekly tasks

  • Prioritization 

  • Allows for import from weekly calendar

  • Broad overview of what’s important and needs to be done, or not so important

Travel Plans

Work and leisure in one. Here the setup allows for a view of all trips and outings scheduled. But that’s not all, since you can calculate expected travel costs and expenses for individual trips or how much you will have spent for an entire year. You can also view the schedule divided by seasons. This helps break down the information even further. 

  • Multiple ways of viewing vacation schedule

  • Cost calculation

Developmental goals

This is a simple overview that Kylie has made to view how her career development goals are progressing. It features headings and a check-mark list of things done and outstanding. It functions as a roadmap for her development in the coming year.

  • Helps track goals and accomplishments 

  • Clean and straight-forward view with what’s to come and what’s been done 

Grocery and shopping list

Linking your weekly calendar to recipes. Yes, that’s right! You go to a day of the week, Thursday, for example, you type in chicken soup and you’ve linked your recipe to the calendar. Clicking over on the name takes you right to the recipe with the ingredients list. And next Kylie shows how you can just copy over the entire ingredients list to your shopping list to the original grocery board. 

Linking recipes to schedule

Drop-down search of ingredients and recipes

Copying ingredients into grocery list 

Recipes with pictures and custom icons

Notion Rec.jpg

Kylie Stewart has created a great Notion layout, and this is a great demonstration of just how customizable and fun Notion is. So if groceries and recipes are not what you’re looking for you can always use the same template, rename it, and run your own setup. Notion is also a thriving community of users sharing their inventions. There are many free templates available for download and customization. 

Find free templates for your Notion here: https://notionpages.com

For more about Notion templates check out our video:

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