Setapp Review: Rent Mac Apps

Setapp Review: Rent Mac Apps

Downloading Mac applications for work can be very expensive.

Ranging from a small $1.99 purchase to the bigger, occasional, $299 investments, it all tallies up. And chances are you'll need to continually upgrade all of these applications over the next 18 months, only increasing the overall bill. Surely there's a solution?! 

Well, there is. It's called Setapp and it's taking the world of Mac users by storm. Gone are the days of paying one-off or recurring fees for Mac apps as we enter the era of Setapp. In today's post, we discuss Setapp, the pros, the cons and whether you should invest in the $9.99 service. 

What is Setapp? 

Setapp is like the Netflix for Mac applications.

Simple in nature, Setapp provides you with a library of Mac apps, ready to install for your Mac. Applications include work tools, to editing tools, to news readers to developer apps. 

Setapp Review - Rent Mac Apps.png

So Setapp allows you to rent Mac apps under one subscription.

You pay $9.99 and have access to 120+ Mac apps to install, anytime, anywhere. Setapp is a little like Spotify, a range of Mac apps for every occasion, but you don't have them all installed at once (in an effort not to overload your Mac). It's a very optional experience and there are no limits to how much you install or use of each application, perfect for those power-users. 

Some of the Mac apps include are: 

  • CleanMyMac
  • iStats Menu
  • Ulysses
  • Flume
  • Timing
  • Mosiac 
  • Boom 3D 
  • 2Do 
  • And many more... 

Before we move on, let's explore the pros and cons of using a service like this and who it might be best for. Let's dive into what Setapp looks like to get us started. 

The Pros of Setapp 

Setapp Review - Ulysses Mac App.png

Setapp has many benefits for Mac users. Let's explore the features of Setapp that make users excited and interested to use it for managing and getting more Mac applications. 

Mac App - Setapp Menu Bar.png
  • A range of Mac apps - There are lots of different Mac apps. You can choose from almost every category, from blogging apps to design management tools. You won't go without an application. That's one of the things people love with Setapp. 
  • Under one subscription - Gone are the days of paying one-off fees. Setapp combines your payment into a monthly fee of $9.99 which makes it much easier. People love having it all in one place. 
  • No recurring fees - There are no additional fees. Or hidden fees. Many Mac apps have premiums or sometimes additional charges once you're in. Not with Setapp. 
  • More apps being added - As Mac app developers become more open to the concept of Setapp, the more developers will commit to this model. In the last year, they've grown over 100 apps and that continues to expand. Even popular tools like 2Do, Ulysses and more. 

The Cons of Setapp 

With everything, there are things to consider when you're looking for a new service.

Setapp is a useful tool, but there are a few things to consider before using the Mac service. 

Mac Apps Folder - Finder Setapp.png
  • Every application in the book - Of course, you might not be using all 120+ Mac Apps, but there are so many apps, that you might not find your ideal application. Explore the Setapp toolset before you agree to move forward. 
  • $9.99 per month -  With Setapp, you still pay $9.99 a month. Even if you max out your use or underuse it, so it's sensible to first review how many of these apps you'd use before committing to the monthly payments. 
Setapp layout.png

Who is Setapp Suitable For? 

So who is Setapp suitable for!? Our recommendation is review how many Mac applications you use that are paid, examine future costs and explore whether Setapp would be cheaper, in the long run, to pay for your Mac apps. This might require a little bit of maths, but this analysis time is worth it. Let's explore a few of the types of professionals who'd use it. 

  • Freelancers - For newbies, freelancers looking for a handy toolkit with access to the majority of major applications. The Setapp marketplace should be enough to handle your needs. 
  • Start-ups - For teams looking to avoid paying one off license fees, Setapp does have an option for teams allowing them a bulk license to the resource on all of their Mac devices. 
Ulysses via Setapp.png

Is Setapp Worth It? 

Depending on your use of Mac apps, Setapp might just be for you. Ask yourself these questions: 

CleanMyMac Setapp.png
  • Do you use plenty of Mac apps? 
  • Do you find yourself paying small and many amounts of one-off fees? 
  • Do you need a toolkit by your side for lots of different scenarios? 
  • Have you explore all other alternatives to paid Mac apps? 
  • Do you find yourself endlessly trying to get on top of the "Best Apps" lists (example)? 

If you seem to still be interested, chances are it is worth trying Setapp for at least one month to see whether the applications on the resource are suitable for your needs. 

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Let us know in the comments what you think about Setapp and whether you committed to the resource for managing your Mac apps. We'd love to hear + it helps people with their decisions.

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