Slack vs Twist: Head to Head of Core Features

Slack vs Twist: Head to Head of Core Features

Slack and Twist are two of the most popular apps for work communication.

They both allow big and small teams to communicate, especially in a remote working environment, and stay on track with the work projects. But while Slack is a very rich app with lots and lots of integrations and useful features, Twist stays on the minimalist side providing a calmer and cleaner experience for a more focused work.

Let’s break down all the features in order to help you decide which one is the best for you.

Core Features

Threads for Twist, Real-Time Messaging for Slack

First of all the core feature and difference between the two is probably the way conversations are structured.

  • Twist: Workspace > Channels > Threads > Messages

  • Slack: Workspace > Channels > Messages

Twist Threads - Twist vs Slack

Twist uses a thread structure, similar to an email app interface, to organize your conversations by topic and easily finding them later. On the extreme left you can find all the workspace’s channels, then threads in the middle, and finally the messages within the selected thread. The screen is divided in three parts that are hierarchically connected to each other.

Slack Structure - Twist vs Slack

Slack is structured in a two-part screen interface (excluding the various workspaces icons on the extreme left) where you have channels on one side and messages on the other.

It must be noted that Slack has recently introduced the threaded messaging feature, but it isn’t as straightforward as in Twist, where messages can exist only within threads.

Slack threaded messaging feature - Twist vs Slack.gif


Twist is a product made by Doist, the same company of Todoist, so there is no surprise if the two integrates very well together. For, example you can create a new task on Todoist directly from a Twist thread. This is one of the most popular integrations of the service between Todoist and Twist.

Twist also counts a limited number of other third-party app integrations (more info here).

Add a new task to Todoist - Twist vs Slack

On the other hand, Slack integrates with a wider range of different apps that can be easily found in their app directory. You can send messages to your task manager of choice, receive calendar notifications within Slack, manage Trello boards from a Slack message and so on. The possibilities with Slack are endless. Slack does have more integrations and deeper integrations at that.


Another great feature that both Twist and Slack share is the bot.

Twist Ada Bot - Twist vs Slack

Twist takes, once again, a simpler approach with Ada Bot, allowing you to quickly access their help center and “to test out the way your post will look before you actually post it, or to play with gifs!” (Source)

Slackbot - Twist vs Slack

Slack, on the other hand, allows you to do much more with their Slackbot:

  • Get answers to your questions about Slack

  • Add customized automatic responses

  • Access personal reminders and tasks


More differences

  • Twist's threads have unique URLs so you can share them or convert them as tasks in Todoist.

  • Slack allows you to set an emoji status and display the "I'm online" indicator.

  • Twist allows you to set a Vacation Mode that will pause all your notifications until you return.

  • Both Twist and Slack have the direct messages feature for private communication.

To summarize

  • Twist: built around a slow-paced communication system

  • Slack: built around real-time messaging and integrations


Twist - Twist vs Slack.png


  • FREE - Up to 1 month of message history, 5GB file storage, 5 app integrations

  • Unlimited (5$/m per user) - Unlimited message history, unlimited file storage, unlimited app integrations

More details here.

Most suitable for: small teams, Todoist users

Slack - Twist vs Slack


  • FREE - 10K of your team's most recent messages, 10 third-party or custom integrations

  • Standard (6.25€/m per user) - unlimited message history, unlimited third-party or custom integrations

  • Plus (11.75€/m per user) - unlimited message history, unlimited third-party or custom integrations

More details here.

Most suitable for: new start-ups and larger teams

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