Our Top 10 Thomas Frank Productivity Videos

Our Top 10 Thomas Frank Productivity Videos

I still remember the first time I stumbled upon Thomas Frank’s videos on YouTube. I was desperately looking for an answer to one of my biggest issues during my first years at University: what’s the best way to take notes in class?

At that time, I was still writing by hand on a bunch of cheap A5 notebooks, the same ones I used in high school, but I wasn’t very satisfied because my professors used to talk very fast and, when you attend history/archaeological classes, the amount of data to record (that you won’t find in your textbooks) is quite dense. I needed to speed up my note-taking system, but I didn’t know how. After the first video, I started watching more of them and I’m pretty sure that’s how I discovered Evernote and my love for productivity apps was born.

Thomas’ work started with his blog, College Info Geek, which is now one of the top online resources for college and university students. Shortly after, he started his YouTube channel and, finally, a podcast.

While his work is mostly tailored to fit student’s needs, most of the topics (productivity, time-management, self-improvement, apps, habits, etc.) are suitable for a wider range of people, from professionals, to PhD students, and more. That’s why we’re going to share our top ten Thomas Frank videos with you today.

1. The video that started it all. Paper VS Computer?

What's the best method to take notes in class and what's best according to your needs (quick learning or easily capture information).

Best for: students

2. Planning system for GTD

In this video, Thomas shares his 3-tier planning system, mixing both digital and analog.

Best for: remote workers, professionals

3. How to stop wasting your time online

Online distractions are the most common productivity killers, here’s how Thomas shares some tools and practices to use to avoid those temptations.

Best for: professionals, remote workers

4. How to Organize your work/study space in a productive way

Whether you're a student or a professional working from home, your environment can have a huge amount of influence over your ability to focus. In this video you'll learn 7 ways you can improve your working/studying space.

Best for: students, remote workers

5. Bad morning habits

Who's guilty of checking social media first thing in the morning? In this video you'll learn what are 8 common habits that you need to remove from your mornings if you're currently doing them.

Best for: everyone

6. What if I have too many interests?

Learn how to focus only on the right things for you and narrow down your multiple interests.

Best for: professionals

7. Self-discipline

Marcus Aurelius' thoughts on self-discipline. He ruled Rome from 161 to 180 and his book, Meditation, is still incredibly relevant today.

Best for: student, professionals

8. Using your calendar efficiently

Thomas shows how he started using his calendar when he was a student and how it evolved now that he’s an entrepreneur.

Best for: students, entrepreneurs

9. How to become a better speaker

Public speaking can be daunting, but you can reduce some anxiety and become a great public speaker with practice. In this video, Thomas covers 9 areas of focus that you can improve in order to start delivering great speeches.

Best for: professionals, entrepreneurs

10. How to think like Sherlock Holmes

Last but not least, a video on three of the most important mental strategies Sherlock Holmes brings to each of his cases and that would turn useful in your everyday life.

Best for: everyone

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