How to Get Dark Mode on Todoist

How to Get Dark Mode on Todoist

Yes, Dark mode for Todoist is here.

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Todoist have officially added Dark mode today. Dark mode has been one of the most requested of all-time on the task management platform. The addition of Dark mode will help users to view Todoist in an easier fashion in low-light situations. 

So how can I activate the brand-new Dark mode on Todoist.  

Easily! With the latest update, all you need to do is Todoist > Settings > Theme. 

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From here, you should see an additional theme called “Dark”. Remember this is different to the “Noir” theme that is a general theme available already in light mode.

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With the launch of the Dark mode, you can add a “sync” option, great for those who want themes set on different devices. Sync switched on will help you to keep the same theme across the board.

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Not seeing this just yet… Todoist will roll this feature out to all of the platforms. With the Apple Store or Google Play store, this might require an update, so feel free to head to those stores to see if there is an update waiting for you.

For those on the beta, you may see this stabilises and updates to the stable edition.

So, go enjoy the brand-new Todoist Dark mode, wherever you maybe.

Midday or Midnight.

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