Todoist Karma Explained

Todoist Karma Explained

Todoist Karma is an exclusive feature that tracks your task management and provides easy to read statistics on a daily and weekly basis, visually displaying your progress in colorful ways.

You just have to set the number of daily and weekly tasks you'd like to complete and you'll earn Karma points for reaching your goals.

Todoist Karma on mobile

Karma Levels

There are 8 levels of Karma to progressively unlock, from Beginner to Enlightened.

Karma Levels in Todoist

A popular place to find out who and what Karma level people are on is on Twitter.

Here’s a few notable Todoist users:

How to Get Karma Points

In order to earn Karma points, you have to be productive achieving your daily and weekly goals, but you can also boost your Karma by adding and completing your tasks on time, achieving new daily and weekly streaks or using additional Todoist features like labels, recurring deadlines, and reminders.

Pay attention that you can lose Karma when you have tasks that are 4 or more days overdue.

Todoist Productivity View - Todoist Karma Explained

It's important to keep in mind that this gamification system should work as a way to encourage you being productive, not to just cheat in order to unlock the next level.

Todoist state these to be the ways to win Todoist Karma points:

  • You add tasks.

  • You complete tasks on time.

  • You use advanced features such as labels, recurring due dates, and reminders.

  • You reach self-set goals regarding the number of tasks you want to complete either daily or weekly.

  • You achieve ongoing "streaks" by attaining your goals for several days/weeks in a row.

Of course, cheating is always possible, maybe setting a very low daily goal and completing tons of tasks instead, but remember that you'd be cheating yourself this way.

Is it important to win Todoist Karma?

The Karma system is basically only a metric to track your task completion habits, it doesn't control your productivity at 100% and can be easily fooled by those tasks that aren't actually part of a productivity/work project (for example, the tasks inside your grocery shopping list).

However, gamification is an important component of Todoist because it encourages users checking things off from their daily task list and it's a great way to get newbies into the flow of task managers.

How to Turn Off Karma

It's important to remember that Karma should just be a fun addition to your productivity system not something to stress about. In fact, Doist (the company behind Todoist and Twist) is a big advocate for focused work and a calmer way to live your work life.

Todoist Karma Turn OFf.png

Remember that if you don't like Karma or you simply don't want to break your streak while on vacation, you can turn it off from the Productivity menu by toggling Karma to off. It will be waiting for you when you'll be ready to come back and your streak will continue unbroken.

You can even set days off in case you don’t work certain days of the week.

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