What's Next for Tools They Use

What's Next for Tools They Use

As we post the final episodes of Series 3 for Tools They Use, I’d like to update you on what’s next for our podcast. 30 episodes on and we’ve decided to call it a day with the idea of series.

Series was a nice idea, but the nature of the episodes will allow us to

Tools They Use Podcast.png

A new look

Tools They Use now has a new look. Maybe too much Francesco. We aren’t sure yet.

The design was put together by Keep Productive illustrator Diana Stoyanova. She’s done a great job here.

We launched the podcast back in February 2018, so it’s been a healthy 6 months in the world of podcasts, a clean-new look.

A new layout

From feedback. You love the interviews. But you want more regular pieces. Combined with more app-based updates and conversations.

The new layouts will include an interview every 2-3 weeks. Chosen by you.

For example. Up on November’s radar is the legend, Thomas Frank.

And each week, we’ll touch on a subject with or without a guest about the world of productivity apps and selections to use in your routine. Become a part of the Facebook group to recommend new episodes and topics.

A new release

The release date of the next podcast will be on October 25th.

I’ve decided to give myself a small break between Series 3 and the new ongoing structure.

I wanted to take a moment to thank all the guests we’ve had on. They’ve been amazing. Simply awesome. I’ve learnt new things from every episode and I’ve had plenty of emails to share your appreciation for them. As a listener, I’m so eager to hear your thoughts, so email me anytime.

If you haven’t yet. Pop us a short iTunes review. It really does help grow the podcast each time everyone does this and I’m going to start reading the top ones on air as a thank you and a way to share lessons learnt.

As we move forward. Thank you.

Francesco :-)

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