Top 10 Best BuJo YouTube Channels

Top 10 Best BuJo YouTube Channels

The Bullet Journal (a.k.a. BuJo) is one of the biggest growing community on YouTube.

It can be a bit tricky to get started with bullet journaling now that there are so many great videos out there. But we’ve got you covered! We’ve put together a list of the top 10 YouTube channels to get started with bullet journaling (in not particular order).

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1. Bullet Journal

This is the original Bullet Journal channel run by Ryder Carroll himself. This is the go-to place to find out more about the Bullet Journal method and start with, getting back with the basics. Ryder has also shared a couple of Q&A videos in the past replying to questions asked by the community.

2. Matt Ragland

Matt is a Product Analyst at ConvertKit, he helps people to be more mindful of their time and tasks using analog systems, like the Bullet Journal. In his channel, you'll find videos about routines, time tracking, goal setting and more.

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3. It’s Me, Andie

Andie started her YouTube channel to share her fitness journey. She recently started sharing more of her planning process and bullet journal.

4. AmandaRachLee

Amanda is an artist and digital content creator. She makes highly curated videos about art, journaling and creativity in general.

5. MyLifeinBullet

Cristina is an architect and also curates her own blog and YouTube channel, both named My Life in a Bullet. You'll find plenty of inspiration to set up colorful and beautiful, but functional, bullet journal pages.

6. Procrastinate_Create

Emily is a law student who shares beautiful videos about bullet journaling, planning, and self-care.

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7. Myriad Inklings

Jen is a bookworm who also has a passion for journaling and stationery. On her channel you'll find videos about bullet journaling and studying, as well as her life as a student.

8. Jenny Journals

Jenny crafts beautiful and curated videos about bullet journaling and journaling in general, as well as art, watercolor and art supplies.

9. Jordan Clark

Jordan is a designer and artist. She crafts the most calm and beautiful videos about journaling and art to inspire creativity and mindfulness. When not crafting, she likes to spend her time adventuring, star-gazing and photographing her life.

10. Planning with Kay

Kayla creates beautiful and artsy bullet journal spreads. Her love for art and stationery can be seen through her beautiful journal pages and home-made stickers.


Boho Berry

Kara is a bullet journalist and artist. She’s one of the very first youtubers who shared her own bullet journal online and helped to build the community. She has recently started journaling on her iPad creating beautiful digital pages and planners.

Caitlin's Corner

Caitlin shares beautiful videos about planning, beauty and DIY's. She has specific videos for students and her bullet journal spreads are beautiful but functional.

Sunshine & Stationery

Caitlin is an English teacher living in France who shares videos about bullet journaling both for personal and professional and educational needs. She also shares how she uses other kind of journals and paper goods for her creative hobbies. Review Review

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