Top 15 YouTube Channels for Boosting Productivity

Top 15 YouTube Channels for Boosting Productivity

YouTube can be the best place to learn more about productivity apps, tricks, tips and more, but the productivity niche is now saturated by the number of videos and channels to watch and follow and it could be difficult to understand where to start.

Today, we’ve put together a nice list of our top 15 channels to boost your productivity!

PS. All of these YouTube channels are in no particular order.

1. Carl Pullein

Carl is a personal productivity specialist, presenter and author of Your Digital Life and Working With Todoist: The Book. His channel is focused on working and productivity as well as app tutorials for Evernote, Todoist and the Apple ecosystem.

2. Simpletivity

The Simpletivity channel is run by Scott Friesen, a productivity specialist and public speaker. You'll find videos about productivity tips, technology apps, time management ideas and much more in order to get more done without stress.

3. DottoTech

Former TV host Steve Dotto produces productivity videos, focusing on using computer and smart devices both for work and personal aspects of your life. The channel has been around for 5+ years and has recently focused more attention on a Baby Boomer audience, with app tutorials and advice.

4. Productivityist

Founded by Mike Vardy, Productivityist is a resource for people who want to start being productive rather than "doing" productive. You'll find videos about apps, tasks, time management, emails, calendar, projects and more.

Thomas Frank is the founder of College Info Geek and the College Info Geek Podcast, on his channel you'll find videos for college/university students and post-graduates. His main topics are: study tips, procrastination, reading, note-taking, speaking skills and so much more.

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6. Alex Ikonn

Alex Ikonn is the creator of The Five Minute Journal and the co-founder of Intelligent Change and Luxy Hair. On his YouTube channel he shares productivity tips and advices, personal vlogs and his entrepreneurial journey.

7. Rowena TsaI

Rowena's channel started in 2016 as a way to encourage her peers to live a proactive life while sharing her personal journey on intentional living, productivity, and practical self-care.

8. A Branch of Holly

Holly is a blogger, youtuber and online marketing coach. In her channel you'll find tips and tricks on how to keep an effective online presence as well as strategies to grow your brand.

9. Paul Minors

Paul Minors is a productivity blogger and consultant. On his channel, you'll find videos about productivity, consulting, Pipedrive, the Apple ecosystem as well as Asana tutorials and tips.

10. Teacher’s Tech

Jamie Keet runs the Teacher's Tech channel where you can find practical help to get more out of your tech in his weekly videos. He covers a wide range of topics, from tips, tricks, tutorials to apps, extensions and tech gadgets.

Brothers Brendan and Cam help people achieving their goals with their detailed videos. From self-help to fitness and funny everyday life How To's, you'll definitely find something interesting on their channel.

12. Gillian Perkins

Gillian is an author, entrepreneur and marketing strategist, she helps business owners to master Facebook ads and sales funnels. On her YouTube channel you'll find weekly videos on productivity, intentional living, entrepreneurship and success.

13. Lavendaire

Lavendaire is a channel about personal growth and lifestyle design, it will inspire you and help you to create your own dream life. Aileen started sharing her journey 4+ years ago and keeps teaching and inspiring through her well-designed videos.

14. Pick-up Limes

Sadia of Pick Up Limes shares insightful videos about nutrition, wellness, minimalism and travel. Her channel is a calm and relaxing space that will help you to get inspired to live a more intentional life.

15. Matt Ragland

Matt is a Product Analyst at ConvertKit, he helps people to be more mindful of their time and tasks using analog systems, like the Bullet Journal. In his channel, you'll find videos about routines, time tracking, goal setting and more.

BONUS: Jusuf

Jasmin runs the Jusuf YouTube channel and shares videos that will push you to embrace your weirdness. Her funny approach will make you feel happier and, hopefully, more confident.

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