Top 5 Notion Alternatives

Top 5 Notion Alternatives

Do you and your team ever get things lost in Slack, Twist or your shared storage space? It’s happened to all of us, and despite search being powerful - we waste time and sometimes effort too!

An internal wiki could be the right solution helping you to find things and communicate fast. The introduction of internal wikis for teams is fairly new but they can bring a big improvement in your workflow.

Today, we're going to explore 5 of the well known Notion competitors and alternatives so you can have an idea of what to expect from this new market of internal wikis.

However, if you're sold on Notion, beautiful!

You can still take our full course here!

1. Tettra (LINK)

Tettra - Notion Alternative.png

Main features:

  • Assign tasks to other team members via the editor

  • Suggestion feature: use this feature to ask any question and assign it to the most knowledgeable team member or even to yourself as a reminder for later

  • The Slack integration allows you to find things in Tettra quickly

  • Integration with a large range of other apps


  • $0 (for getting started)

  • $39/month (for small teams)

  • $99/month (for teams and businesses)

Where to get it:

  • Find out more here.

2. Slite (LINK)

Slite - Notion Alternative.png

Main Features:

  • Organize your notes in channel

  • Real-time text editing (like Google Docs) perfect for collaboration

  • Keep track of your team activity with a nice overview and detailed note history

  • Markdown editor helps to write detailed notes


  • From $0 per month

  • $6.67/month for pro/plus

Where to get it:

  • Find out more here.

3. Confluence by Atlassian (LINK)

Confluence by Atlassian - Notion Alternative.png

Main Features:

  • Jira Software integration

  • Updated editor that allows inserting different kind of content (like files, tables, macros, code snippets, dates, etc.) to your page as you go

  • The Team Calendars feature allows teams to stay up to date and organized

  • Most popular solution for developers

  • Reliable developer, developed by Atlassian - creators of Trello


  • $10/month (for teams up tp 10 users)

  • $5 per user/month (for the first 100 users)

  • $3.50 per user/month (for the next 150 users)

  • $1.10 per user/month (for each additional user over 250)

Where to get it:

4. Slab (LINK)

Slab - Notion Alternative.png

Main Features:

  • Content organization by hierarchical topics merging the best of folders and tags

  • Get insights into which posts have been most helpful to your team and which are getting stale

  • Powerful integration with GitHub, Slack, G Suite and more

  • Unified search across integrations to access all your content in one place


  • Startup: $35/month

  • Business: $60/month (for up to 10 users)

Where to get it:

5. Coda (LINK)

Main Features:

  • A simple document page that blends tables and text together

  • You can use formulas anywhere, not just in Tables, and pull data from anywhere else in your current document

  • You can add building blocks like buttons

  • Connect other apps via Packs


  • Free

  • Plans to add pricing, but always free plan

Where to get it:

6. Notable MENTION: Nuclino

Main Features:

  • Markdown editor

  • Organize your team's information in boards and graphs

  • Version history of each content

  • Internal links


  • FREE: $0/user/month

  • Standard: $5/user/month

  • Premium: $10/user/month

Where to get it:

None of these meet your needs, but Notion still does.

Learn Notion inside and out with our new Notion Made Simple course (LINK).

  • 8 modules

  • 24 lessons, 25+ bonus videos

  • Updated monthly

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