Ulysses Releases Edition 15: New Split View, New Keyword Search & More

Ulysses Releases Edition 15: New Split View, New Keyword Search & More

This week, Ulysses, the popular professional writing tool released their 15.0 update.

Ulysses is a specialist writing application that is used by many professional writers to write prose, scripts, theatre pieces and long form essays. With an avid user base of fans, Ulysses looked to add to its existing abilities with this update.

This new update brings some more fine-tuned ways to use Ulysses on a day to day basis. And for the hard-core fans out there, have no doubt solved problems. Hopefully, this article should help you determine whether Ulysses is a needed upgrade or whether other writing tools would you suit you better.

What’s New with Ulysses

All of the new features have been rolled out since Monday 11th March - so they should be with you by the time of this post, so do check your App Updates or mobile updates.

  • New Editor Split View (for Mac)

  • New Keyword Search (for Mac)

  • Keyword Manager (for Mac)

  • Re-sizing Images for Export

  • Web Image Previews

  • Dark Export Preview

  • Support for WordPress 5.0

  • Smaller updates

    • Added dark mode to export preview. 

    • Show activity history for groups if a goal is set. 

    • Include editor selection in Statistics view. 

    • Added support for opening OneDrive files as external files.

Let’s hone in on two of the new features.

The new Editor Split view and the Keyword Manager. As these are two of the biggest additions to the new update on Ulysses 15, as these were the big new editions for the Mac Ulysses experience, one that many people use as their daily driver for Ulysses writing.

Editor Split View (MAC-ONLY)

Ulysses Editor Split View.jpg

The new Editor Split view is one feature that many Ulysses fans have been waiting for, the ability to split the editing panel vertically or horizontally to display two texts at once. You can switch between the two editors using the shortcuts inside of Ulysses and according to the team, the highlight allows you to see the current active editor.

For those Ulysses nerds, read up the team’s decision-making on this new split view.

PERFECT FOR: Proof-reading two documents at one time.


Ulysses New Keyword Manager.jpg

The search has become even more effective with keyword search for Mac. For group searches, you can now display all the keywords in use in a group. You can then hone in on the pieces you’re looking for by selecting the keyword and find relevant documents. You can even search for a color type and find them based on the tag you set.

PERFECT FOR: Quick searching and finding of older documents.


Writing app or note-taking? .jpg

There’s always a question in the productivity space. Should I go for a note-taker or a writing application? Which one would suit my needs better? It’s a question that requires a little digging into your own situations.

This is what we typically recommend to people:

Are you:

  • Writing long-form articles with fewer multimedia/image needs

  • Writing script-based pieces (theatre productions, prose, thesis)

  • Writing non-collaborative essays over 15,000 words

  • Writing

You should go with a writing application.

Are you:

  • Writing casual/routine notes/documents

  • Writing pieces shorter than 15,000 words

  • Writing non-format intensive documents

  • Writing pieces that don’t require intense focus

You should try a document or note-taking editor.

Selected two or more of these, then you might need to consider scaling or down-sizing to these solutions for writing. Remember having Ulysses when you could be using Evernote, might be a better fit, or being stumped by writing formats in Google Docs might be slowing you down when writing long pieces, that could be done in Ulysses.


We’ve shortlisted 10 writing apps that you could consider as your next solution.

Of course, Ulysses is one of those, but there are a few recommendations for note-taking, writing specialist tools and more for you to pick from. Enjoy!

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