A Short Guide to Twist Announcement Messages

A Short Guide to Twist Announcement Messages

Announcing your first post on any team communication tool can be stressful.

The pressure to include all the information that needs to be said, share your writing style and even reflect your branding to team members in a relaxed manner can be overwhelming. Today, we’ll be demonstrating how to craft your first announcement post in Twist, a team communication tool we’re using to get things done.

Twist is a team communication tool by Doist geared towards an asynchronous and calmer way to chat. And because of these core features, it can also be the right tool for team onboarding using a customized announcement message.

You can replicate this in any of the other popular tools, like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Flock, Workspace by Facebook and more.

What to include in your announcement message

  • Information about your company

  • About how you will be using Twist

  • How the team works day-to-day

  • A link to an internal wiki (like Notion, for example) (if existing)

  • Any additional useful links (sites, websites, social media)

  • Members you might connect them with (per department)

  • Roles of team members as a whole company

Cramming all of this in in a concise manner is important, so take your time. We estimate it’ll take roughly 20-minutes to write this one, if you’re on-boarding team members, its so important to respect their newness, and their entrance.

Here’s a worked example I created:

Onboarding Custom Message on Twist

Using an app like Twist for onboarding new team members can be extremely useful to cut the amount of email conversation sent back and forth and it's also a very easy way to introduce new people to your team.

You can also do much more with Twist including:

  • Announce time off during Christmas periods

  • Provide posts for all useful websites

  • Craft your own internal wiki in Twist

Additionally, the onboarding message can be written in a less personalized way and used as a main reference in the future. In this case, it would be useful the Slack feature of pinning the message at the top of the channel in order to easily find it later.

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