Learn How to Master Notion

The Unofficial Course for Creating a Notion Dashboard


Notion is one of the fastest growing, most talked about, visually impressive, personal and team productivity software released in the last 5 years. But the problem is, Notion is so expansive in what it can do, that many people fail to understand how to use it.

Imagine lego blocks meets a website builder. That’s Notion.

This course is designed to get you set-up with Notion and take your workspace to the next level, the course is hosted by Keep Productive’s Francesco D’Alessio.


  • Starting your new Notion account — from sign-up

  • Setting up your new homepage — introduction

  • Creating your first pages — and all about the basic blocks

  • Crafting your Dashboard — how to master your opening page

  • How Francesco organizes his Notion

We’re constantly growing this guidebook to help you to expand your Notion insights. Over 350 people have enjoyed it so far on Skillshare and have claimed the 2 months free Premium too, that is included in every new sign-up to Skillshare.

Stay tuned for PART 2 of the course which includes:

  • 5+ new lessons — jumping into the advanced toolkit of Notion

  • A PDF worksheet — to help you plan your Notion

  • And a newbie PDF — for beginners to take away and absorb!

All that coming 25th October 2018.

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