Privacy Policy

UPDATED: Wednesday 28th August 2019

  • Keep Productive is a UK Ltd company.

  • Our company number: 12083215


We are committed to retaining your privacy.

Your privacy and information is really important to us. With our policy, we're addressing how we control and use your information.  


Our goal is to help match you with the productivity software that helps you get things done and this is how we protect your data you submit to our newsletters and other sources.


  • You can submit your email address through Intercom and MailChimp via the website to join our lists.


  • Email addresses and full name (optional) collected via our official sign-up form will be securely stored in MailChimp.

  • MailChimp is a secure email storage and campaign builder used by popular brands.

  • Read about MailChimp security: here.

  • This information will only ever be exported to organise the lists, but deleted instantly and not stored on devices.

  • Your information is so important to keep secure.

  • With Intercom, we do not export your email to MailChimp lists. We only use it to reach out to you directly.

  • Intercom is a reliable chat bot service, find them here.


  • Your information will remain secure.

  • Security and privacy is vital to us.

  • Transfer to another service will always be noted in the privacy policy. The current storage tool is MailChimp.

  • We currently store your first name, last name and email address and do not share it with 3rd parties.


  • Sure, anytime.

  • Here's the unsubscribe link to MailChimp.

  • Your information will be removed from the system.

  • If you'd like to re-subscribe, this will be the link to use.


  • Sponsorship allows me to continue the email newsletter and many other elements of the community.

  • The fees for services and other providers.

  • Please note there will be sponsored posts, articles or even content within the newsletter, videos and articles.

  • Including affiliate links which help to support the channel through taking small cuts from your purchases.

  • None of these additional add-ons affect my opinion, solely help me to continue my efforts and expand.


  • If you’ve signed up to a course via Thinkific.

  • You will become part of the Thinkific list on MailChimp.

  • The same privacy actions apply and your data is securely managed inside of MailChimp to help further your course learning and update you on future news.

Please email me directly if you have any concerns: 

Please see previous privacy policies.

Please, only wording changes were added.

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