ProdCon 2019

ProdCon 2019: Supercharge Your Time Management & Tools.

A day dedicated to supercharging your time management ready for 2019

We are extremely excited to host a full day of time management related talks. Every hour, a new talk appears. Grab your notebook or note-taking app and get ready for a day of actionable advice.

Learn all you need to know about ProdCon and how the day will operate in this video.

Some house-keeping notes

We look forward to the day ahead and all the learnings you uncover from the speaker talks.

The schedule:

Mike Vardy Profile.png

How Time Crafting Can Supercharge Your Productivity in 2019


Our first speaker of the day, Mike Vardy.

Mike is one of the legends of time management advice. In this talk, Mike uncovers how to simplify your productivity set-up, get your framework in place and time craft your day based on your workflow.

Perfect for: Rejuvenating your Planning Process

Tag on Twitter: @mikevardy

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Tiago Forte Profile.png

How to Use and Master Your Second Brain in 2019


Next up, Tiago Forte.

Tiago has been helping start-ups and businesses develop success productivity techniques for many years now. With a specialism in teaching others how to optimise their second brain, today’s talk comes from a recent event Tiago ran giving an insight into what a second brain is and how you can tame it to supercharge your productivity.

Perfect for: Excelling your Note-taking Skills

Tag on Twitter: @fortelabs

Discount: Use “PRODCON” to get $100 off his full Second Brain course.


Tips for Conquering Trello in 2019 for Work and Life

Scott Friesen Profile.png

WITh SCOTT FRIESEN, Simpletivity

He’s arrived. Scott Friesen in the house (the virtual house of course).

Scott is a friendly face on YouTube as the host of Simpletivity. Like Keep Productive, Scott hones in on methods and tools that can help you boost your productivity, using them to move that step forward towards your goals and aspirations. Scott specialises in Trello and today will be sharing many of the different ways to conquer Trello in everyday work and life.

Perfect for: Actionable Examples of Trello Use

Tag on Twitter: @scottdfriesen

Visit: Get a free productivity guide crafted by Scott here.


How to use Evernote and Todoist to achieve youR goals

Carl Pullein Profile.png


Carl Pullein is ready for this one.

The energetic Carl Pullein is here and ready to share all about how to manage all of your goals inside of the two most popular of resources, Todoist and Evernote. Digging deep on how to maximise your efforts in both of these applications and reducing weekly planning time.

Perfect for: Mashing Evernote and Todoist Together

Tag on Twitter: @carl_pullein

Visit: Subscribe to Carl on YouTube and check out all of his courses.

Stacey Harmon Profile.png

An Introduction to David Allen's Five Steps of Mastering Workflow in Evernote


Stacey Harmon knows her stuff about Evernote.

For many years, she’s been teaching, supporting and helping organisations optimise Evernote and methodologies like GTD for many years and it continues today. This talk today will get you supercharged with all you need to implement GTD into Evernote. You’ll love this one!

Perfect for: Taking GTD to the Next Level

Tag on Twitter: @staceyharmon

Visit: Get Stacey’s GTD guide and Everdone guide too.

Mike Schmitz Profile.png

Achieve Your Goals with the Power of the Personal Retreat


Mike Schmitz has been a popular face in the productivity space for a while now.

His insights into a personal retreat are inspiring. Previously working with the Asian Efficiency team, writing a book himself, and also a popular guest on Tools They Use, Mike constantly supports how to embrace time more effectively and aspire for better goals.

Perfect for: Respecting Your Time

Tag on Twitter: @bobbleheadjoe

Discount: Get 25% off the full personal retreat course using code: “PRODCON” here.

Justin DiRose Profile.png

Develop Better Systems By Being Honest With Yourself


Justin DiRose is here.

Justin is growing a community speaking all about the best productivity softwares. Sharing insights on how to choose the best tools, and how to go about the navigating the powerful methods. His community has helped so many so far and continues to grow as a way to support people in decision-making with software.

Perfect for: Gaining Perspective on Tools/Software

Tag on Twitter: @justindirose

Visit: Become a listener to Justin’s brand new podcast, Process here.

Paul Minors Profile.png

How to Begin Virtual Consulting AND BREAK INTO A NEW CAREER ONLINE in 2019


Paul Minors has been a long-time digital consultant and excelled in his area.

Today, Paul discusses how the world of virtual consultancy should 100% be considered as a career model for many working professionals. Paul has so many insightful ways to approach this and something we wanted to include for those aspiring to get into the digital space in 2019.

Perfect for: Breaking into a Virtual Career

Tag on Twitter: @paulminors

Visit: Paul’s website has two core areas. Productivity and Virtual Consultancy. 100% worth exploring.

Me Profile.png

How to Plan 2019 Goals & Resolutions in Notion (BONUS TALK)


A bonus talk appears.

Notion is 2019’s rising star and many people are seeing the benefits of such a wide open application for planning and managing their time. We’ve spoken about it a lot of Keep Productive. This talk gives you insights into 2019 planning and resolutions you could set inside of Notion’s creative workspace.

Perfect for: Setting 2019 Resolutions

Tag on Twitter: @francescod_ales

Visit: Subscribe to Keep Productive on YouTube here.


Thank you for attending ProdCon 2019. It has been an honour to host you!

To improve, we must be made aware of things that could have been done better.

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Thank you all for supporting today.

Really thankful to all the speakers for their amazing talks and for your support!

Look forward to seeing you soon!