Your SEt-ups

We're launching Set-ups by Keep Productive. 

A way to share your workflow or set-up with others who use the software for work and life. 

Whether you've mastered your Todoist use to help organise your child's weekly activities, or created a rad Notion template that's helping you improve the logging of new sales leads, we'd love to hear. 

Peeking into someone else's toolkit helps us to understand what works for us and what doesn't. 

To submit your recording today, here's the guidelines:

  • No longer than 15-minutes long
  • Sent via a Google Drive/WeTransfer link 
  • Outlines your set-up or use of the tool 
  • Doesn't include any advertisements
  • No profanity or crude language

Submit them via email to

*Please note: By sending these videos, you consent to have these upload to the Keep Productive playlist, as a host, for sharing them on our blog and on this page. 

We can't wait to share your set-ups to the community, and announcements will be made in the Facebook Group.