Our goals at Keep Productive

  • To help you find the most suitable productivity software for your work and life needs

  • To save you time, money and effort in finding that tool for your various productivity pursuits

We do not:

  • Attempt to sell you a service that doesn’t match your needs. This loses you time and us time and even money/set-up your end

We do:

  • Match you with a tool that we thin best meets your goals, budget and feature restrictions

  • Listen to your needs and help suggest a tool

  • Run sponsorship deals on the YouTube or Podcast channels - these are stated and are only recommendations for you

  • Have affiliate links with the softwares we speak about. This is in an effort to support Keep Productive

  • Be available on email within 48 hours to help match you

Thank you for supporting Keep Productive

We aim to be your first choice for finding the right application and give you the best