Our Values

Our goals

  • To help you find the most suitable productivity software for your work and life needs.

  • To save you time, money and effort in finding that tool for your various productivity pursuits.

Our values

  1. We aim to match you with a tool that best meets your mission, budget and restrictions.

  2. We explore two main strategies to help you. The first is to grow your knowledge of a tool, and the second to introduce you to applications.

  3. We believe in switching or changing up your tools often is a bad practice.

  4. The more voices, the better. Keep Productive strives to bring more professionals, more users into our stories to help decision-making.

Our monetisation values

  1. We are currently supported by YouTube Ad Revenue, , affiliation links, one monthly sponsor and Patreonage.

  2. Affiliate links are only set-up for the purpose of claiming credit if you decide to go with the service, they do not reflect our decisions.

  3. Our monthly sponsor is not an ongoing endorsement but a hand-picked recommendation of a service.

  4. We get endless requests to review software, and reject the majority of them.

  5. Keep Productive is currently a side project, so it is a part of Francesco D’Alessio’s self-employed work.

If you have any questions, you can email us directly via our Contact Us and ask us anything.

Thank you for supporting Keep Productive

We aim to be your first choice for finding the right application and give you the best recommendations.

Francesco :-)